Elements of Wood

Elements of Wood

We offer a wide range of quality sawn timber all sizes standard or customer requirements. Every carpenter knows how important it is that at any time to get all the necessary materials. To meet the growing demand, we have decided to offer the market in raw materials or dry state, according to customer preferences.

The hard work is performed by experienced and proven workers, with the necessary knowledge to work on the board, which is the main export product of the company.

Packages boards are, after sizing in the mill where transferred to the steaming timber, to yield a dark red color respectively, and after the steaming chambers are transferred into the dryer where the produce is dry, depending on the demands of the market, to 8-14% moisture content.

Classification of timber is done according to the quality and length of the timber. According to the length of the boards, boards classified as:

  • Friza - from 250 - 450mm, with a minimum width of 25mm boards
  • Hyper - from 300 - 900mm, with a minimum width of 80mm boards
  • Short - from 1000 - 2000mm , with a minimum width of 100mm boards
  • Long - from 2100 do 4000mm, with a minimum width of 100 - 120mm boards.

According to the quality of boards classified as:

  • A class - clean and white with all four sides
  • B class - on the 3 sides clean and white, and on the one hand possible healthy kern
  • C class -technically correct plank, with piercing knots on both sides, every 1m long
  • BC class - which 80% B and 20% C-class described
  • AB class - which 80% A and 20% B class described.
The main type of the wood that we process is beech, but per request, we are also able to supply smaller quantities of oak wood.
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